Producing and DJing under the name M.I.K.E., he has been releasing records under the guises: Solar Factor, M.I.K.E, The Blackmaster, Return of the Native, Plastic Boy, Šand, and Push. In total, there are around 85 different aliases that span his career, because of either collaborations with other artists, or adapting new aliases simply to suit the nature of a particular track, covering the trance, techno and house scenes. As a DJ, Mike’s style is very similar to the music he makes—progressive trance with a techy-edge. He is at the forefront of Europe’s new sound, regularly topping the dance charts in several leading countries.

As an 11-year-old boy he discovered the potential of samplers and keyboards, his interest in electronic music developed further over the next years. At the age of 18, Mike handed his first demo tape to the Antwerp-based record company, USA Import. Shortly after, his first record, “Vision Act” was released on the Atom label in 1992. Mike released a series of successful records before he signed up with Lightning back in 1996.

M.I.K.E became very popular and, in 1998, although a commercial crossover had never been anticipated, ‘Universal Nation’ won several dance awards, and is recognized as one of the classic dance-records of the trance era until this day. The number 1 position of the song in worldwide dance charts helped putting the Belgian dance scene firmly on the map. His Push follow-up single ‘Strange World’ was also a hit and played throughout hundreds of clubs all across Europe. This was followed by another excellent performing release, ‘The Legacy’, once again topping most dance charts across Europe and entering the British National charts at #21. Over the years Mike received several music awards including best club singles and best dance-producer, and entered the national top 40 in the UK 6 times.

Mike also teamed up and did remixes for Sinéad O’Connor, Moby, Mauro Picotto, Bomfunk MC’s, Oliver Lieb, Psy’Aviah, and Ian Van Dahl. This kind of success did not go unnoticed as M.I.K.E. was asked to DJ at some of the best venues in the world, including ‘Gatecrasher (venue)’ and ‘Godskitchen’ in the UK, ‘Fura (venue)’ and Velfarre disco in Japan, ‘Dance Valley’ and ‘Trance Energy’ in the Netherlands, and ‘Spirit (venue)’ and Spundae and Tomorrowland (festival) (Push was headliner of the first edition in 2005) in the U.S. Mike still holds residencies in Godskitchen and The Gallery in London. His Club Elite Sessions radio show clocks millions of listeners on a weekly basis, and tracks such as Elements of Nature, Canvas and Natural Source demonstrate that his appeal remains as strong as ever. And fresh from his acclaimed World Citizen album earlier this year, Schulz Music Group is delighted to announce the signing of M.I.K.E. Push.